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Preventative Maintenance

Prevention is often better than cure. This is definitely true when it comes to high end gym equipment. Preventative maintenance of gym equipment ensures that your fitness equipment runs as smoothly as it did when you first purchased it. Save yourself the trouble of undertaking an expensive repair program when your gym equipment gives up on you for lack of care. It is best to call an industry expert in order to prevent any issue from arising.

Preventative Maintenance Agreement

We offer our customers the preventative maintenance agreement which covers all aspects of preventative maintenance functions. This includes:

We always aim to please! We are the professionals who have years of expertise under our belts. If you have a problem pertaining to the functioning and care of your gym equipment, bank on us because we have all the solutions!

Flexible Options

Our programs options are flexible and efficient. You can choose from monthly or quarterly maintenance program options. Depending on your needs, we can also create a custom maintenance and payment program that will meet all your requirements. It doesn't matter which plan you choose, you can rest assured that we do not ask for any type of payment in advance. We offer you service first, payment comes later!

You do not want an amateur messing with your valuable gym equipment. When you call TechnoFit, you are calling your local gym equipment maintenance company. Our technicians are experts in their field and are completely factory certified. Call us today!